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Dashboards Securysat

Securysat is a tracking tool that helps fleet managers become more efficient at their jobs. Tracking, control, maintenance and more! Discover Securysat today and ask us for a free demo.

Securysat: the fleet management software that drives your business forward!

Example of Home Page view, display of real-time vehicle information, Google Satellite Map View, and Details Menu in the bottom left corner:
Example of Home Page view, display of real-time vehicle information, Google Street Map View and vehicle details with information from 2 on-board temperature probes, directly on the map
Example of Home Page view, displaying fleet in POIs (work areas)
Example of follow-up cold chain temperatures in a truck
Example of Alerts Menu view, creation of an alert based on the temperature threshold
Example of Daily Report V13 with the summary of the total distance traveled, the total duration of the cumulative journeys, the maximum speed, the activities in the POIs with the detail of the time of entry and the time of exit for each ...


Example of a maintenance plan for your fleet
Creation of a maintenance for a vehicle in the planning
Example of Operation Input for Maintenance

Eco driving

Thanks to this dashboard, you can see at a glance the driving behavior of your drivers. The scores thus indicated can be compared with each other on the one hand, and over a given period on the other hand.
The monthly report gives you a summary by tables and graphs of the different scores of your drivers: driving score (acceleration, braking, jumps, turns), Idle score (time engine off) and speed score. These indications give you a detailed view of driving behavior by vehicle or driver.
This dashboard shows you all the violations that might have been committed by one of your drivers. Our technology is able to capture turns, sudden acceleration or braking, but also speeding.


Fuel Tracking

The fuel tracking report provides the ability to select a vehicle and track fuel consumption over time. A percentage (%) of tank filling is also provided, as well as its volume in liters.
This Fuel Report indicates for each vehicle the quantity of fuel imported according to the date and the driver
This feature allows you to select a vehicle and compare its fuel consumption (in l/km) depending on the months or the volume of fuel imported.

Securysat App: fleet management software at your fingertips

The Securysat mobile app allows you to control vehicle trips directly on your smartphone.
You can also geolocate the location of your vehicles directly via the mobile application.
You can select the vehicle you want to track directly on your smartphone or tablet.

Mobile app Eco Driving

With the Eco Drive app, you can check the driving behavior of your drivers at any time. This window displays the average speed, the slow speed or the number of violations of one of your employees. A score out of 10 is also awarded.
This app's menu allows you to have an eye on every speeding violation committed by one of your drivers, in real-time
For each trip, the Eco Drive-app assigns a driver's note to your drivers. In this way, you can control and compare the scores obtained.

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