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    It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives.
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    It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives.

Benefits for People Services

Nurses, health care aides, and household helpers perform services at clients’ or patients’ homes, sometimes using the organization’s vehicles. Organization and delivery of services constitute a major cost center: payroll, fuel, maintenance costs, vehicles, travel costs, administration… How can you best plan home visits, and the routes taken by personnel to optimize trips according to availability and urgency? How can you monitor services and overtime, and get absolute proof of on-site visits?

How can you ensure quick, accurate billing for services? How can you maximally automate administrative tasks: wage and overtime calculation, allowances, national health insurance reimbursements? When on-site services are not optimally managed, cost-effectiveness becomes a problem.

Aidoo-Mobile. How does it work ?


The Planning for the week is transferred to household helpers or home caregivers. Changes in the planning (cancellation of services, extra services, etc.) are transferred through mobile networks in real time. Planning is then updated in real time based on services performed or in progress.

Household Keepers

Household helpers can look at the planning for the week, record their arrivals at the patient’s home, as well as their departure, using automatic geolocation through reading a QR code placed at the patient’s home.

Encodage des prestations

At the patient’s home,household helpers can input the services they have performed, as well as report the travel required for the patient (for grocery shopping, etc.).

Web platform

  • Real-time monitoring of the location of service providers
  • Automatic consolidation of service reports

Solution Benefits ?

  • Optimization of the efficiency and productivity of service providers
  • Elimination of paper reports
  • Safety of service providers in the field
  • Increased quality of the services provided
  • Simplification of administration

Technology in the field

  • An Android tablet or smartphone

People Services

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